28 Celebrations

Over the last couple years, my approach to birthdays—specifically mine—has evolved. My 21st was a Major Production involving multiple celebrations, a town-wide barhop including family and friends from all my different worlds. Another one in my 20s saw me telling every single person whose path I crossed on Bleecker Street that "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" and drunk-eating Artichoke Pizza out of the box held by my friend's boyfriend at roughly 4 a.m. in a dress not at all appropriate for late March weather. By 26 we were talking about a small gathering of favorite people at a favorite bar in town, and last year I enjoyed ramen with two best buddies on the Tuesday of my birthday.

This year, I'm finally falling into the "it's just another day" mindset, which, I have to confess, is nice to finally arrive at. It's not surprising, seeing as the past few years have seen me releasing the grip on other Very Important Days in which we're supposed to have Very Exciting Plans, like New Year's Eve and Memorial Day (it might be a Jersey thing?), which I have grown to prefer celebrating in my own, more low-key way. In celebration of my 28th birthday, David had surprise plans for me on Friday and I'm taking the night off from cooking tonight; we're going out for a little bite.

I was thinking about what kind of birthday post I wanted to write this year; I think they're kind of obligatory in blog-land and I'm no stranger. But I talk about myself enough, and I think about myself perhaps too much sometimes. To mark today and the number 28, here are 28 other things worthy of a mini (or not so mini) celebration:
  1. Waking up to sunshine and not seeing the sun set until I'm good and ready to wind down for the day.
  2. A boyfriend who brings a cup of coffee to my bedside table in the mornings.
  3. Spotify playlists that speak to my soul on the daily.
  4. That my library has tons of ebook options so my Kindle is always stacked.
  5. Riverside Drive and its swoon-worthy architecture, memorials and monuments, and precious city and Hudson River views.
  6. The ramen, sushi, pizza, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Indian restaurants that are all on my block that make my laziest/busiest days easier and delicious.
  7. That the nearby yoga studio has inexpensive drop-in rates.
  8. How I'm learning to recognize when pretty packaging is doing its job of convincing me I need stuff I don't need, and how easily I'm able to walk away from it now—I'M TALKING TO YOU, SHEA MOISTURE (so pretty and good smelly!)—to maintain my simple approach to everything possible.
  9. That John Mayer has been making music again and giving it to all of us because he's swell.
  10. Riverside Park.
  11. Living on the boundary of Morningside Heights and Harlem and the NEVER-ENDING BRUNCH OPTIONS the two neighborhoods provide.
  12. That I've reached a place in my life where brunch excites me more than bar-hopping. No hate to the bar scene, I have loved it well and still make room for visits. But the healthy habits-obsessed parts of me, and the part that's starting to realize that I actually do have to sleep sometimes, are very very happy with this development.
  13. Months-ago planned trips finally coming about! Delaware for a blate to see our favorite new mama, Boston for the marathon next month, and soon enough, weekends down the shore.
  14. That Fairway delivers grocery orders fo' FREE over $30 in merchandise.
  15. The magical new showerhead I bought to replace the one that came in our apartment.
  16. Being able to stand on the subway without holding on AND without falling all over the place, most of the time.
  17. All seasons of Golden Girls on Hulu.
  18. Amazon Prime two-day shipping.
  19. That I've kept plants alive for several years now.
  20. That David went out to buy me Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream after a recent bad day.
  21. That yoga is always there for me, whether I make it to the studio or not, whether I have a mat or not, whether I have an hour or five minutes.
  22. The new podcast S-Town (from the folks behind Serial) and the fact that all episodes were released at once!
  23. Blog friends.
  24. Every single joke made in 30 Rock.
  25. r/babyelephantgifs
  26. Senator Cory Booker.
  27. Nail polish for spring.
  28. The knowledge that at any given moment, our lives can change for the better.


  1. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my friend! I'm celebrating blogland bringing us together :)

  2. Happy birthday, Alyssa!! Hope you have a wonderful "normal kind of day" :) How was Wicked? I bet it was incredible!!
    I love your list - especially the last point. So hopeful. Xoxo.

  3. Happy happy birthday! I love that David surprised you by taking you to see Wicked- so fun! I hope you enjoy every bit of your day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love a list of simple pleasures.... especially those involving John Mayer and free grocery delivery...

  5. #2 and 20- you found a good one ;) I'm still sad about #13- hopefully we can plan another one for late summer. #15- isn't it amazing how something seemingly so small can make a huge difference in overall daily happiness?! Hope you have an awesome low-key birthday!

  6. You know what still gets me with pretty packaging? CANDLES.

    Love this list, and while every day is just a day, I hope you spend today and tomorrow and the weekend etc celebrating who you are, the good and the bad the ugly the lovely.


  7. Happy birthday! I am also into S-Town (and may have listened to the entire thing yesterday. Oops.) Glad you're relishing the small things in life. :)

  8. Love this post so much! Happppppy Birthday to you! You deserve the very best :)


    I'm in the middle of S-Town. Holy. Shit.

  10. Such a great list! I love this option for the blogging birthday post! I hope it was a great one!

  11. An excellent list of things to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

  12. Wicked sounds like perfect plans! I hope you guys had fun! I am all about small celebrations with just my family and maybe a friend or two. But usually not all at once, but rather a lunch with one here or one there. Happy Birthday!!!! Oh, and pretty packaging always gets me too!!!!

  13. And for all these things, I will celebrate with you! Especially the Cory Booker/Mindy Kaling twitter exchange the other day. It made my heart happy. Hope you enjoy the celebrations!!!

  14. baby elephant gifs! magical new showerhead?! i want. and yes to 30 rock. but i am ashamed to say i have never watched an episode of golden girls - seen bits here and there, one day i will binge watch it all, i swear.
    hope you had a fantastic birthday :)

  15. Hey friend, happy belated birthday and I hope you had a great one, even if you had decided it was just another day. Oh, and I totally get you when it comes to #12! Brunches are awesome, bars, I've had my share of them throughout years. :)

  16. Good stuff! We 're constantly being inundated with bad news and negativity, but there really is always something to be happy about and grateful for. Hope you had a great bday!

  17. I hope you had the best birthday, sweet friend! I have golden girls cued up on Hulu so I can watch them all. So far, only a couple episodes in and already laughing out loud often :) xo


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