Historically, this day is a lot of bad things but more importantly, it's one really good thing: the day a few decades ago that this world went from being a place without David to being a place with David. Obviously, this worked out really well for me, seeing as he is my person and he makes my life wayyyyy more fun. In honor of him today, I want to tell you more about him. Our relationship kind of came out of nowhere where the blog is concerned, and I thought now might be a good time to fill in a few gaps.

Also, anyone who knows me knows I can talk ad infinitum about my favorite things, and he very much falls into that category. David's been behind the scenes of a lot of what I've talked about here on the blog over the last year and a lot of the photos I've shared have revolved around our life together, so I thought it was time to let you get to know him a little better.
We met in May 2016 on the internet machine. On the real real, we swiped right for each other. If you're my grandparents or second cousin who doesn't even know what texting is, we met "through friends," which I don't count as actual deception since Tinder uses your Facebook connections. Related, in a weird internet-ception, the connection we had in common (first connection of mine, second-degree connection of his—for non-Tinderellas, the app searches your friends and friends' friends to find people you have things and people in common with to suggest potential matches) was blogland's own MacKensie. This is the most millennialesque thing I've ever written down.
Our first date was supposed to be a short stroll through this public garden near my old apartment and then sushi. It ended up being more of a meander through the garden and then a couple of beers in the dive bar a block over because it started to pour suddenly and we had walked there, and this was the best closest shelter. Then we went to my apartment so I could get sweater because it was suddenly 50ΒΊ (springtime in New Jersey, amirite?) on the way to get sushi and ended up sitting on the couch and talking until the last bus he could take back to the city. Our first date was 7 hours long and a series of things not going according to plan.

Our first kiss was on on our first date (scandalous!) in my apartment right after we realized we weren't hungry for dinner after all. I've literally been making things awkward since day one: The last thing I said before our first kiss was, "You look like you want to kiss me."
There are lots of things we don't have in common, but we always find common ground. I have honestly never met a man who so readily accepts others' arguments, who will so often stop his own diatribe to acknowledge when I or someone else has made a point he hadn't considered. He's smart and headstrong, but he never lets a fair point pass him by without stopping to say, "Fair point." Our backgrounds and early life experiences are so very different, but he communicates his stance to me and lets me do the same, so we always find a place in the middle to meet.
Do you guys know Jenna Marbles? The voice she does in this video has a tendency to come out of David's mouth at random times, and the worst part is that he either starts in a Borat voice or ends up in a Borat voice, so it's always two weird accents going on and it's usually when he's saying something that would be sweet if he were using his real voice. I love/hate it but it makes me laugh 100% of the time.
All these tidbits about our relationship aside, David's a really interesting guy. He's one of the smartest people I know, and I've gotten to a point where I'm finally not surprised when he has the actual answer to a random rhetorical question I or someone else asks. He spent almost a year teaching and volunteering on the other side of the world, making his way through Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand—my response to which is always "Oh yeah? Well, I went to North Carolina TWICE that year." He wants every day to be an adventure and makes even the most mundane of tasks more exciting. He works hard. He asks questions with wide eyes and genuine wonder and laughs loudly and sincerely. He melts my heart and makes no attempt to conceal his most deeply-felt emotions.

He takes pictures of me when I'm not looking, when I'm doing something like cooking dinner or reading a restaurant menu or walking down the street. He gets along with my family, jokes with my brothers, has won the affection of my mother, and even bought her a better Christmas gift than I did. He makes sure I eat even when I'm not hungry because humans need nutrients and I forget that sometimes. He devours anything I cook and brings me coffee in bed on weekend mornings. He makes us bagel sandwiches with bacon and goes out to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream when I've had a bad day. He trades plates with me when the restaurant forgets to make mine not spicy and his very spicy. He does the dishes and takes out the garbage and only pats himself on the back for it for a day or two.
Together we've been all over New York City, all over NJ, to Baltimore, to Washington, D.C., to Richmond, to wineries in NJ and upstate, to friends' weddings, to family holidays, to the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy (one of my favorite traditions), to Coney Island for both of our first time, to museums. When I was living in NJ he took my Sunday morning yoga class every week. For my birthday last month he surprised me with tickets to Wicked, a show I've been waiting YEARS to see on stage. We've got great plans for adventures to come, but just being home together with a glass of wine and all the time in the world is our favorite thing.
David came into my life at a time when I was ready to give up on the idea of finding a true partner to share it with. We have stood alongside each other through high highs and low lows, the likes of which a relationship doesn't typically withstand in those early months. He is steadfast in his faith in me; I have never heard a person say, "Alyssa, I believe in you" more often or more truthfully than this man. He's my favorite, and since today is his birthday, I want nothing more than for him to know how special he is and how much better my world is with him in it.

Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for every adventure, every ounce of support and encouragement, every time you've reassured me that everything would be okay. Thank you for every hand hold, every snuggle, every morning cup of coffee, every surprise. Thank you for being you and for being mine.


  1. Is it weird if I have tears in my eyes because I just love y'all and like, I don't even know you guys IRL?! I've said it before & I'll say it again, I'm so happy for you, sweet friend. David sounds like an incredible person and for the incredible person YOU are, it sounds like you two are a perfect match πŸ’œ

    Happy Birthday, David! May your day be as spectacular as you are πŸŽ‰

  2. i have so many emotions!
    i'm just super happy for you guys. he is a great guy and you are great together (except possibly not driving KIDDING I'M KIDDING) and he was a lot of fun during the small time i spent with you guys. i loved that you seemed exactly the same as when i'd hung out with you other times - meaning you'd not changed for him and that's such a fabulous thing in my opinion. not that i'd expected you to, but you know? anywho. i am happy for you guys because you guys are fabulous people who are more fabulous together. team work makes the dream work ;)
    it took me ages to stop being surprised when KC actually answers random rhetorical questions, and now he will be quiet and think it's rhetorical but i'm like no, i was asking this weird question expecting you to have an answer because you know everything!
    happy birthday David!

  3. I know I don't actually know you guys, but I LOVE YOU TWO TOGETHER. The love you both have for each other is so evident. So happy for you! Happy birthday to David!

    1. That's so sweet to say, thank you so much! :)

  4. Ya'll are just too damn cute. Love getting a little glimpse into your relationship too. Happy birthday David! We need to double soon!

  5. So fun getting to know him more. Happy birthday David!!

  6. This was such a sweet post! I am nosy so I love to hear about other people's relationships and love stories ;) He seems like such a wonderful guy and I am so happy for both of you to have found each other!! Hope he has a great birthday and you have a fun weekend celebrating! Happy birthday David!! My hubby and I also met online (on a website) :)

  7. Love this! It's nice to know your origins together and a little more about him. The universe continually amazes me by giving us the people we need in our lives when we need them the most. Happy birthday David!

  8. I think I'm in love with David? All kidding aside, this was beautiful and made me really hopeful -- as soon who has lost faith in the dating world this made me feel happy knowing there are good men out there. You got one of 'em, kid :)

  9. I want to say so many things but all that keeps coming out of my fingers is <3 <3 <3 The few short times I've been around the two of you has given me enough of a glimpse to know that everything you wrote here is 100% true. I had to laugh at the part about him knowing all the answers to even rhetorical questions since we have talked about the qualities David and Ben share, and that is such a Ben thing. So happy for both of you that you have found each other! And Happy Birthday to David! (Also you look gorg in every one of these photos - tell me all your secrets!)

  10. All the hearts. You're making this old married lady nostalgic for the fun discoveries in a new person of my own over ten years ago. Not to knock longevity and knowing your partner - I just forgot how fun those realizations and surprises were! So happy to see you so happy!

  11. Awwww Happy Birthday to David! I loved getting to read and learn more about him. I have to laugh because Chris always ends up talking like Borat after a few drinks. And you know, we too met on the interwebz. I love that you guys are different enough to balance each other out. Sounds like you two are happy, makes my heart smile :)

  12. I am awestruck by this post. Okay, yes, we all know that you can write better than most...but your ability to capture the reasons that David is so special to you is so genuine, heartfelt, and real. I feel your emotions jumping off my monitor, and it is truly glorious!

  13. This is the sweetest thing ever. I'm so honored that I made it into this beautiful love story. I'm so freakin' happy for you guys, and I'm also little pissed because you have OFFICIALLY REAWAKENED MY JENNA MARBLES OBSESSION. This is not okay. I do not have time to watch all the Jenna Marbles. Anyway. Love you guys. Can't wait to meet your lovahhhh. Happy happy birthday! <3


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