Friday Five #2

David went to London for work this week, where he says it's been sunny and lovely every day. Here in New York, we've had rain on three out of four days so far. So that makes perfect sense and doesn't make me grumpy at all oh wait yeah it does. Again, I know complaining about the weather is stupid, but I am so tremendously affected by my environment that I can't not. Related, we're not looking at great weather for this weekend, NJ's (do other places do this like we do?) unofficial kick-off summer weekend. The shore opens, the traffic amps up 100% in NJ and it's impossible to get south by car on a Friday from now till September. Not that this affects me anymore as a carless NYC dweller, but after 27 NJ summers, certain things are ingrained in you. Anyway, the point. Right. So since the weather is supposed to be kinda crappy I'm making no waterfront plans (last time I was on a beach on MDW I left with sun poisoning that made me literally black out from the pain, so nah nah honey I'm good) but I am taking the train down to spend some time in NJ at my mom's for a change of pace and a break from my apartment. And also to go to Target, because I haven't set foot in one since January and I tried ordering stuff online but it was a fiasco. The things you miss when you move away, huh? This was a really boring update, but I'm having a really boring week, so sue me.
The view from the private gym studio in the office building on 57th Street where I teach a private group. A.k.a. the BEST view I've ever had while teaching yoga or doing pretty much anything. (It's Central Park.)

I've been teaching a small group of yogis privately (i.e. not as part of a studio) and moving through the (surprisingly long and oddly tiered, but whatever) process of joining a new studio as a teacher here in NYC. It is so very different from my old studios in NJ, but part of the benefit of yoga is not only physical but also mental flexibility. Expanding my practice to include a style of instruction that isn't what I practiced with or taught for years is eye-opening, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my old studio teachers. I'm trying to find a way to have balance between being more teachable in a slower-paced style and seeking the inversions and arm balances and high-energy flowing that I prefer, and that's where home practice comes in. Unfortunately there aren't a ton of studios near me, and I find it a weird concept to get on a subway to midtown to practice somewhere else for an hour. (God, I'm boring myself here.)

On the theme of how boring I am, my Insta seems to have gravitated toward pictures of grass and stuff more than anything. Odd for a new New Yorker, no? But selfies are out since I wear makeup like twice a month and get dressed in sweats every day to go nowhere in particular (this is 100% not a complaint, just a fact), I have no animals to force into cute frames (working on this hard though, TBH), and my phone is old and crappy enough that attempting meal photos is about as easy as if I were working with an LG flip phone here. New York City, though. Always photogenic. Always Insta-ready.
Last weekend Dani and Blue came into the city and David and I met the gals for a downtown brunch and stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, which I've never done before. None of us had, actually, and David and Blue were troopers in indulging Dani and me this bucket list item. It sure is a pretty bridge, but now that I've crossed it off the list I'm sure I'll be fine just admiring it from afar in the future.

In all seriousness, may we all spend some time this Monday and long weekend remembering what we've lost. Memorial Day is the day we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and we give our thoughts and love to those who sent a loved one off to war and never saw them again. Whether you've experienced a loss personally or not, the loss of American lives is all of our loss. Say a prayer, light a candle, have a moment of silence, write a passage, remember.


  1. What is with this east coast weather?? Hoping for some sunshine soon. Seriously swooning over your yoga teaching views! It sounds like things are going well with finding where you want to teach next and knowing what's important to you in finding a studio/location that works. I hope you had a good visit back in NJ with your mom (and Target, lol)!

  2. Weather can totally change my mood as well. Our weather people here cant get it right, they were calling for rain all weekend here and it only did in the time frames on my weather app when there wasn't a single chance of it. Go figure. So awesome that you got to hang out with Dani and Blue! I hope that you get settled into teaching yoga near you and end up enjoying it just as much!

  3. I can't even tell you how angry it makes me when people confuse Veterans and Memorial Days. Zero words.

    Yay for walking the bridge! I've been on it, but I've never walked the entire thing.


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