Friday Five

I was editing an article this week that used this picture for reference to, obviously, Up. I promptly stopped editing and made this my Macbook background because I needed to brighten up the joint. Also, this week I fell down a Jenna Marbles rabbit hole and watched this video, so needless to say, I'm on the lookout for things I can fly with balloons.

I know it's so ridiculous to complain about the weather, because a) it's not exactly as if 58º is an oppressive temperature in any way, b) there is way worse stuff worth complaining about, c) it's probably a sign of me being a boring person, and d) there's no use complaining because it's not like anyone can do anything except get tired of my complaining or bitch with me, but man...I'm sick of this weather. We had a nice warm snap that lasted all of like two and a half days here in NYC, and it's been reminiscent of March for over a week now. Cold (compared to where I believe in my heart of hearts it should be in May), gray, rainy, windy. I just want to not wear a coat. I just want to not mind that there's no heat in my apartment. Is that so much to ask?! Of course I know I sound like a spoiled jerk, because at least I have shelter and blankets and hot water, but you guys. My spring/summer clothes are so much more fun to wear than winter clothes. And also, I'm cranky as hell when I'm cold.

I was recently reminded of this beautiful roundup of creatives' headaches. I've always said that to work successfully as a creative you have to be omniscient too. Non-creatives don't usually have the language to describe what they want to the artist, which results in a necessary system of trial and error and hilariously headachey comments like these.

I finally took my digital declutter to a whole new plane. Unfriending and unfollowing is a pretty frequent exercise for me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but in the past couple weeks I've gone hog-wild. I finally went into all my Saved and Favorited tabs on Facebook (almost exclusively Tasty cooking videos), Reddit (all sorts of crap that has no rhyme or reason), Instagram (again, Tasty videos, pretty quote graphics, etc.), Twitter (comments I had no reply to but wanted to show appreciation for, links I thought I'd get to later, arguments I wanted to remember), Pinterest (god what a disaster), and my Chrome bookmarks (some useful things I don't want to forget exist, mostly articles I want to read when I'm taking a break). Cleaned, sorted, and properly filed into appropriate places where they won't be forgotten. Hooray! I also did an audit of the apps/sites that had I had made permissions for on Facebook, Chrome, and my Google account (highly recommend this) and deleted what wasn't necessary. (This was definitely prompted by this news about Unroll.Me.) I didn't do this for a day-to-day lightening like a physical declutter provides, but I definitely feel better knowing that I don't have all sorts of random apps having permission to my Google and FB accounts, which I only did in the first place because it's so much easier than creating a new username and password for every site I want to use once in a while.

I finally got my tail to the NYC Public Library and got myself a card. Since I almost exclusively use the library for digital titles for e- and audiobook, I was still using the online account for my old library in my previous town. (I know, shame on me.) But you guys, I should have switched sooner. NYCPL's selection is roughly 8 trillion times better than my old one, and my aggressive to-read list might actually shorten now that some titles I've wanted to read for ages are actually available to me. Suddenly not hating that it's supposed to rain all weekend and that, aside from a load of laundry, this gal has no plans.

Have a good Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, gang.


  1. I'm honestly okay when people complain about the weather, but only if it's a particular season. I hate the cold, so I complain about being cold and thats it. Not rain, not too hot, not too windy, just cold. I knew someone [thankfully for a short period of time] who complained about EVERY weather. Grey days, hot days, rainy days, anything that wasn't 72 and sunny. WOOF!

    I need to digitally declutter....egad!

  2. Digitally decluttering is so satisfying. I don't have FB but I do still have Twitter, and I'd I've muted, like, everyone. I still see tweets from a handful of bloggers (you!) that don't annoy the crap out of me and it's glorious. Sometimes there's just silence on my feed for an hour because no one I enjoy has said anything and it's wonderful.

  3. We've had the same weather in Nova Scotia lately and it's definitely a bit of a downer for this time of year :( Usually things are looking and feeling a bit more spring-y in May around here. Yay for the NYC public library system! That's awesome!! I need to do some digital decluttering...I save random stuff on Facebook ALL THE TIME and never go back to check it. Haha.

  4. After spending several summers in Alaska - where the weather could be in the 40s one day, 70s the next, rain almost every day - I learned that pretty much anything I want to do when the weather is ideal can also be done when the weather is not. It's OK to state a preference for something different. :) I freaking love my library. I don't visit it very often but I love the Overdrive App that's connected to it and I can download a couple e-books while standing in line at a store and start reading on my way home. Been doing the physical and digital decluttering recently ... normally I would just unfollow businesses just to get them out of my feed. I figured it's just easier all around to unlike them instead and it's a lot more gratifying than unfollowing for some reason ...

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I couldn't agree more about the weather. That brief stint of warm weather we had was SUCH a tease and now it's been WAY too cold for mid-May. I'm so ready to get into summer clothes and sandals and rock some semblance of a tan. Or at the very least I want to walk to work in the morning and not be shivering...THANKS.

  6. I like to talk about the weather. March weather in May is a drag. I'm with you.

    That's how I felt when I went from a suburban library to the Philly library system!

    1. I need to do a digital decluttering in a bad way. It feels so freeing when you're finally done right??? I am a brat, I was just complaining this morning that it is going to be 92 here tomorrow. But like 92 is too hot for May, you know? I cant wrap it up and send it to you if you'd like lol

  7. I love free weekends! Mine was spent binging the new season of Master of None, a few movies, and stuffing my face. Yay rain. Last week was terribly drab weather-wise, but then this week it's hitting 90? Where is the spring weather?! And why do you not have heat in your apartment?

  8. LIBRARY CARD!!!!!!!

    hope the weather is better by now? it's beautiful here, after a crappy week last week. it's so beautiful i cry because i'm inside. womp womp.

    i am not exactly an organised person, i mean i organise, but you wouldn't call me organised.. except maybe in some digital areas. i routinely organise tabs and weird things like goodreads (i spend hours doing this, it is SO FUN what is wrong with me). but pinterest, no. too hard. lol.

    i kept using my australian ebook library until last year when i got a louisville library card. it was just easier lol. no shame. i still use it if i can't find a book in my louisville library. yay for libraries!

  9. SUPER delayed but you know, better late than never?

    I go through and clean out my permissions and tabs fairly regularly as well and it gives me excellent peace of mind. As does having all my apps organized on ONE PAGE! Seriously, you guys are amazeballs for helping with that!


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