About Me

Hi, I'm Alyssa. I've been writing things on the internet for a long time, but Alyssagoesbang is where I settled down so that when I want to publicly ponder things they have a place to go, when I think things I have a community to share them with, and when I feel complacent as a writer I have a sense of motivation.

I used to be somewhere else, and now I'm here.

"Here" is my current life as a New Jerseyan-turned-New York City dweller, marathon runner, yoga teacher and forever student, feminist, writer, and good vibe chaser.

I write about all that, plus fun stuff like minimalish-ism, goal-setting, grammar, and testing my relationship with Swedish furniture.

Keep up with me between blogs on Instagram and Twitter, where I either post multiple times per day or once every two weeks.

If you have something you want to tell me in secret, you can email me here.