My Life On the Run

The day I started to become a runner — a transformation that surely shocked everyone who had ever met me — was December 26, 2013. Until then, I had never run a voluntary step in my life, or even run more than a quarter mile without stopping. (Read about how my life on the run began.)

Becoming a runner has changed my life in ways I never could have anticipated.
On March 30, 2014, the day after I turned 25 and three months and four days after my first run, I ran my first race: the Apple Chase 5k. On October 26, 2014, exactly 10 months after my first run, I ran my first big race: the Oktoberfest Half Marathon. On November 1, 2015, I went from 0 to 26.2 in 22.3 months and tackled my first marathon.

In a nutshell, running makes me a better version of myself, and that's what makes me keep going.
(Read about why I run.)

personal records
5k: 26:09 (Fitzgerald's Lager Run, 6.22.14) — 8:26 pace
8k: 44:10 (Ashenfelter Classic 8k, 11.26.15) – 8:47 pace
5 mile: 44:05 (Unofficial) — 8:48 pace
10k: 56:30 (Unofficial) — 9:05 pace
10 mile: 1:35:48 (Cherry Blossom, 4.3.16) – 9:35 pace
Half marathon: 2:03:21 (Richmond, 11.12.16) — 9:24 pace
Marathon: 4:54:16 (City of Oaks, 11.1.15) — 11:14 pace

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My first marathon!